Powder coating – is a high quality protective polymer coating technology which protects metal surfaces from corrosion and chemical effects of the environment and gives excellent appearance. This technology is designed for long-term and reliable protection and coating of metal and aluminium.

The products are coated with an even layer of paint in the colour (RAL colour palette) and texture of your choice. The coating is resistant to scratching, fading and cracking. Since powder paint does not contain any toxic or environmentally hazardous substances, powder coating is ecological.

Miltelinis dažymas

We apply powder coating to the following metal surfaces: aluminium, steel, galvanized metal, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, lead, etc.
Maximum dimensions of coated products: height 1,500, width 1,700, length 3,000.
The products provided for powder coating must not be contaminated with lubricants and oils.
Prices are calculated individually, depending on the product dimensions, complexity, quantity, etc.
Minimum order amount is EUR 30 + VAT.
In order to ensure a long service life of the coating, proper surface preparation is necessary. Therefore, sandblasting is an integral part of the powder coating process (more information is available in the Sandblasting section).