We provide metal sheet cutting services using a CNC plasma cutting machine and Hypertherm Powermax source.. We can cut any shape according to technical drawings (drawings can be provided in DWG, DXF, PDF and other formats). The machines allow us to quickly and efficiently produce large quantities of identical parts or large custom parts, which would be difficult to produce manually.

CNC plasma cutting specifications
• Operating cutting width: 1,500 mm;
• Operating cutting length: 3,000 mm;
• Sheet thickness: from 1 mm to 20 mm;
• Cutting precision: ± 0,3 mm.

CNC plasma cutting advantages
• Minimal deformation of sheets;
• A wide variety of shapes and parts;
• Fast and good quality cutting;
• The narrow and precise cut allows for maximum use of raw material.

We cut a wide variety of metals:
• Steel (20 mm);
• Stainless steel (15 mm);
• Aluminium (10 mm).

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